Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy 9 Months James!!

James was 9 months on Sunday!  So many new things this month.

Crawls!  He's so happy to be mobile.

One of his favorite things is getting someone (usually Daddy after work) to walk him all over the house.  He makes gleeful noises and takes huge steps.

Pulls himself up...sort of.  Right now it looks more like pushing himself to his hands and feet on a convenient low surface (the hearth, a step, even just the floor).

Eating more and more solids and getting to try finger food!  Pizza crust is a big hit, as is whatever I'm eating.

Can open the right-hand cupboard doors.  I guess he hasn't figured out the left-hand ones.  Joe was cleaning up the kitchen tonight and James came in and opened all of the right-hand doors.  :)  

Gets himself stuck sitting up in bed and needs help to lay back down.

So much fun!  We love him.  Here are some pictures from the last month...

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  1. How can it be? 9 months already! What a fun little guy. Just love his happy faces. :)