Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Years: Feb. 26, 2012

Two years ago today, it was a busy Sunday.  We went to church, we had a CYS concert that night, and Joe wanted to get together with me in between.  I had spent the past 24 hours going in rather dizzying mental circles--as soon as I convinced myself that Joe was NOT going to propose that day my poor brain (and stomach) swung around and became equally convinced that he WAS.  

We took a walk at Standley Lake--it was cold, sunny and very windy.  We didn't talk much (unusual for Joe) as we walked along the upper path and cut down towards the water, whipped into whitecaps by the wind.  When we reached the beach, which was totally deserted, Joe suddenly dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.  He says I looked quite shocked, but fortunately I had the presence of mind to say yes!  He gave me a beautiful diamond ring...I kept pulling my hand out of my pocket for the rest of our walk to watch it sparkle.  It was a happy day.  :)  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Months of James!

...And she returneth to blogging after a year-long break, during which many and varied things occured.  There is a post in the works filling in the major events of 2013, but first we'll jump right into the middle of now with some pictures of the biggest happening of all: our little James Albert.  One year ago today we found out that he was going to join us, and today he's three months and ten days.  We love him.  Photo credits to Auntie Sarah.  :)

About James these days:  

Happy boy--lots of smiles and even laughs sometimes!
Has a growing repertoire of noises.  Sometimes I wonder if he coughs just because he can.
Finding his hands, learning to reach and grasp things.
Not so keen on loud noises (vacuum, even loud sneezes on occasion).  
Has a most adorable pouty face when sad or scared.
Tummy time is not his favorite.
Wearing mostly 6 month clothes, and they usually aren't any too long for him.  
Pretty wild collection of facial expressions.  
Loves picture books and stuffed animals--gets all animated looking at them.  
Chews but rarely sucks on his fingers.  Prefers the pacifier when upset.
Losing the dark hair he was born with, on top at least.  Still has it around the sides and back.  :)
Likes to be with Mommy and Daddy (we like to be with him too).