Monday, September 22, 2014

Wedding Day {Two Years}

Two years ago today Joe and I were married on a special, beautiful September day.  Joe says periodically that he had so much fun on our wedding day that he wouldn't mind going back and re-living it.  :)

My favorite wedding memories....  Flowers, decorations, organization, hair, dresses, kitchen work, cake, music all done by my dear friends.  The music: singing I Extol Thee and In Moments Like These in the ceremony.  Prayer with friends.  Michael and David playing my processional.  Being with Joe (but that goes without saying.)  Kind, building-up words by siblings and friends.  And the reception music...wonderful and fun songs by our siblings, and a special just-for-us song by Bold Reflection that stayed stuck in our heads for half our honeymoon.  (Which was a little confusing, because it was a spoof on an existing song, so we had the real words and the spoof words all mixed up in our heads...)

It's amazing to look at the past two years and the ways that God has blessed us so richly since our marriage.  I am excited to see what He has for us in the future, and am so grateful to be sharing that future with my Joe.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ten months!

A few days late, but here are pictures of James' tenth month!

With my iphone...

Without my iphone.  Sarah got these.  :)

We've finally put latches on all of the accessible cabinets 

Walking: still a favorite!  He can take a few steps only holding one hand but he doesn't like it very much.

Sharing breakfast with Mommy.

Fun with Uncle Ryan...still a water baby!  He'll have to realize as the weather gets cooler that you can't just swing your feet up into the sink while wearing footies.

Stands up!  Even scoots along the furniture a little.

Silly child.


First stop at the playground!  Poor baby wasn't impressed with the swings.  

Sitting on the grass with a leaf was lots better.

Fuzzy, but I love this shot.  They're both so happy.

Checking the bathtub for water?

Post-bath hair.

Warming up to Grandpa!

This child loves anything bread-related.  He downed two pancakes, along with other food, and didn't drop nearly as much as I expected.

So good at crawling...and his hair is growing fast!

Celebrating his ten-month birthday with a fun kitchen toy.  :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy 9 Months James!!

James was 9 months on Sunday!  So many new things this month.

Crawls!  He's so happy to be mobile.

One of his favorite things is getting someone (usually Daddy after work) to walk him all over the house.  He makes gleeful noises and takes huge steps.

Pulls himself up...sort of.  Right now it looks more like pushing himself to his hands and feet on a convenient low surface (the hearth, a step, even just the floor).

Eating more and more solids and getting to try finger food!  Pizza crust is a big hit, as is whatever I'm eating.

Can open the right-hand cupboard doors.  I guess he hasn't figured out the left-hand ones.  Joe was cleaning up the kitchen tonight and James came in and opened all of the right-hand doors.  :)  

Gets himself stuck sitting up in bed and needs help to lay back down.

So much fun!  We love him.  Here are some pictures from the last month...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Today: Mt. Falcon

This morning Joe and I took James to Mt. Falcon for a walk and picnic.  It was beautiful and we had such a relaxing time!

At the old castle ruins

We threw the backpack in the stroller and Joe carried James for a while.  James was thrilled.

Picnic time!

Munching some banana.  He loves it.  I forgot his bib so banana juice got all over him.  :)

This guy kept showing up.

It was lovely and almost chilly!  

A series of selfies.  :)

So mature...following our baby's example.

James' favorite!

Joe:  "People might get the wrong impression about me...but that's okay."

Joe:  "My Hieland Coo!  (trans: Highland Cow.)
Me: "I'm your Hieland Coo?"
Joe: "Well, yes, with your hair like that."

I love the different colors in the meadow!  It was better in real life, of course.  Such a lovely day.