Friday, July 18, 2014

Today: Mt. Falcon

This morning Joe and I took James to Mt. Falcon for a walk and picnic.  It was beautiful and we had such a relaxing time!

At the old castle ruins

We threw the backpack in the stroller and Joe carried James for a while.  James was thrilled.

Picnic time!

Munching some banana.  He loves it.  I forgot his bib so banana juice got all over him.  :)

This guy kept showing up.

It was lovely and almost chilly!  

A series of selfies.  :)

So mature...following our baby's example.

James' favorite!

Joe:  "People might get the wrong impression about me...but that's okay."

Joe:  "My Hieland Coo!  (trans: Highland Cow.)
Me: "I'm your Hieland Coo?"
Joe: "Well, yes, with your hair like that."

I love the different colors in the meadow!  It was better in real life, of course.  Such a lovely day.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Eight Months!

Look who's eight months old today!

New developments:
Rolls back to front and is starting to sleep on his tummy now!  (His idea, not mine.) Seems to have messed up his night-times a little but we're working on it.
More and more sound effects, including a smacking sort of noise with his tongue and a purr/growl thing.  He also snorts. 
Imitates sounds (coughs, etc)
I think I heard him say mama today but he was pretty upset at the time...  :)
Scoots around on his seat...not very fast yet.  Working on the crawling thing.  Can push himself backwards on his tummy quite quickly, but gets frustrated when he runs into/under stuff.  
No teeth yet but he's had extra grumpy times for the past few weeks.  Both grandmas think that teeth are imminent...

Chomp that toy!

On his way to crawling...or some mode of transportation.

Little cuteheart!

Just awake from a nap on his tummy.

Oh, the things we do...this child loves water, and when I figured out that his odd position while I was washing his hands was an attempt to get his feet in the sink, I put a little water in it for him.  He was delighted.

Such a kind daddy!  Found a "waterfall" for James...the shower is running slightly, though you can't really tell.

Hanging out with Mommy!

Reaction to grapefruit juice  :)

Oh joy!  He was being awfully quiet and I came out to find this...

One of James' very favorite things is to have someone walk him around. 

Mobility is great...except for when he gets himself stuck.  :)

Special baby  :)