Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Emily!

(Yes, Emily's birthday was 4 months ago.  I wrote this letter in July but didn't get around to final edits and posting it...possibly due to the arrival of another precious girl, Madeline Rose, soon after Emmy's birthday.  Since I'm now working on James' 4th birthday letter I wanted to get this one up first.  Here's a snapshot of Emily at 2 years old.)

Dear Emily,

Happy 2nd birthday, little one!  You’re such a delight to us and I want to capture a bit of your personality these days.  

You’re an absolutely adorable brown-eyed curly-haired girl.  We often say you look like a little hobbit.  Sometimes I wonder if maybe I only think you’re so cute because you're my baby, but then I think “No, she really is that cute.”  

I love your personality!  You have so many words for a two-year-old.  The other day Auntie Becca was watching you.  You wanted to do bubbles and she said no...and you retorted “Mommy Grandma let you do it!”  Oh my.  You and James both have an obsession with asking if I’m single or married...over and over and over.  You tilt your head to the side and say “Are you singow?”  You also have a funny obsession with red traffic lights.  Some nights when we’re on our way home from Grandma’s you get all upset and want to see a red light.  You love to help me cook: I set you on the counter (to Daddy’s consternation) and you hang out with me while I make dinner.  It’s one of your favorite things and a great way to keep you from fussing.  

Your relationship with James is pretty cute.  He takes care of you whether you like it or not and you often get along with him...and often don’t.  Lately you’ve been telling him things in this hilarious little voice and using his names….”Danes” or “Danesie”.  

You’re a little music baby, just like your big brother.  You love to sing (or chant the words) to favorite songs, which currently include Trust and Obey, Bless the Lord, and God Bless America.  In the car on the way home a few months ago you said “Bless da Lord? Ny soul? Holy names?”  James responded in his big brother voice “Yah, da holy names!”  Lately when you see the American flag you start singing (or chanting) God Bless America.  “Murca?  Land I Love? Stand’e side her?”  You love to play the piano when I play...actually, you love to play instead of me and get upset when I try to play too.  You’ve been obsessed with violins, probably because I played a lot this past year.  For a while almost anything was a violin--two sticks, two spoons, goldfish crackers, diced tomatoes.  Grandma L just got you a little violin for your birthday and you’re smitten.  

For a long time I’d sing you songs before putting you down for your nap.  You were picky about it...if you didn’t like what I sang you’d touch or swipe my lower lip (like a phone??) and tell me what else you wanted.  “Dus and Obey” is a different song than “Dat one”, which is usually the verse of Trust and Obey (not the chorus).  “Bless da Lord” and “Sun Comes Up” are also two different songs to you.  “‘Si Know one” is Jesus Loves Me (this I know).  Sometimes when you woke at night I just didn’t try singing you back to sleep because if I picked the wrong song there would be a serious meltdown.  

You are such a blankie baby.  You still suck on your lips when you’re going to sleep, with a blankie right under your nose.  You love sniffing those blankies; I can hear you sniffing deeply when we’re riding in the car.  I tried to give you two different blankies as a baby so that you’d be more flexible with them, but you just ended up attaching to both of them.  So now you sleep with two.  Or four if we’re at Grandma M’s (where there are two more little crochet blankies).  

I love your spunk and your caring spirit, my sweet girl.  (When we read stories you try to give the characters your blankie if it’s nighttime or if they’re cold or sad.)  I look forward to knowing the amazing, strong woman that I am sure you will become.  You are precious to us, Emily Grace, and even more precious to Jesus.  



photos (except the violin one) by the wonderful Auntie Sarah