Friday, February 1, 2013

Quick post...

Hi! I'm trying out the Blogger app for my iTouch. It's fun that I can post this way, but I think said posts will be a bit more brief--though perhaps more frequent. This particular one will be filled with various randomness...

Let's since I last posted has been great! I'm starting to feel a lot more settled, now that the initial moving-in stuff and all of the Christmas busyness is over. I seem to have more time and have even been able to start practicing violin again; I really enjoy that. It's good to feel the technique coming back, and to have a bit more confidence in demonstrating for my students. Music is such a gift. (Along those lines, Joe got out his bassoon the other day and played while I made dinner. I enjoyed that a lot. Picture below.)

Earlier this month Joe and I went to Nebraska with my siblings. We had such a great and relaxing time; it was really a blessing. Since then we've both been busy with life. God has really blessed Joe with great work right now, and I'm enjoying my teaching, cooking, and keeping up with the house.

Today I've been at my family's place for most of the day, spending time with Kristin and Sarah and working on a scrapbook project. It made me think about getting pictures printed and actually do a wedding scrapbook. :)

Now all the skiers/snowboarders are back and we've had a good time--eating yummy food and playing Scrabble, or more recently just playing with the scrabble pieces. Good times. (Picture below.)

I figured out how to upload pictures to a post, but can't seem to incorporate them into a post and caption them. So you get to take the clues above and make up your own. :)

Anyway...that's a little bit of our life. We're so blessed, and quite happy as well. God is gracious to us.

[first picture: roses from Joe last month]