Friday, August 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Dear Madeline,

Happy Birthday, baby!  You were born a year ago in the middle of the afternoon after a quick, slightly crazy labor.  We brought you home that same evening, to the extreme delight of your siblings.  I can’t believe you are one already!  You’ve brought us so much joy this year.  Here are some of my favorite things about one-year-old Maddie:

You are funny, spunky, usually happy.  You love your siblings and try to be close to them if possible, sometimes to their dismay if it lands you in the middle of their toys.  You’re always so happy to see Daddy.  You also love your grandparents.  Grandpa is a favorite of yours and when Grandma M came home from a recent trip you were so happy to see her that you snuggled with her.  (You haven’t been much of a snuggle baby unless you’re super tired...there is just too much to see.)  

You are very clear on what you do and don’t want to eat.  I rarely even try to spoon-feed you anymore; you prefer to feed yourself.  You calmly but determinedly refuse when you aren’t interested.   You love scrambled eggs, most breads, and banana and adore berries.  Meats and savory things aren’t so appealing right now.   You cut your first teeth at 8.5 months, a good two and a half months earlier than your siblings, and now you have four; a cute little lopsided grin, since your top two left teeth came in together instead of two top center.  

You can be hilarious.  Even as a baby you tended towards glee when one of your siblings started to cry….but sneezes, especially Daddy’s, made you cry.  You love people; don’t like to be alone and don’t seem to mind crowds.  You ham it up when there are others to watch you; lately you’ve been blinking slowly with a huge grin.  We have this game where you alternate shaking your head and “nodding” along with the person holding you, but since you can’t figure out nodding you just wiggle your whole body.  It’s so cute.  Sometimes, especially when you’re tired, you get disgruntled and make outraged noises, glaring at me.  

(trying to put your hat on by yourself)

You are just getting mobile; finally crawling and going everywhere; you want to be right in the middle of the action.  If crawling isn’t fast enough you have a funny lopsided scoot; crawling on one knee and one foot stuck out to the side.  You pull yourself up and just started to let go and stand by yourself for a few seconds!  You like carrying little things around; Duplo candles and plastic baby spoons or play utensils are your favorites.  You’ve held onto them through mealtimes, naptimes, play time...sometimes I know you’re coming because I hear your toy clicking on the floor as you crawl. 

You’re figuring out words: “Daddy”, “see” or “I see” with the cutest little lisp, especially when you want my phone.  You recently started saying something like thank-you. “Ni-ni” is for bye-bye, good night or all done.  Sometimes you babble conversationally and it’s adorable.  I think I heard you say Emily the other day, but you don’t seem to want to repeat it for me.  You also have some terrifyingly loud sound effects that you tend to pull out when James is being a vacuum.   Like your siblings, you love music.  When we start singing you light up, waving your arms and bouncing.  Sometimes you sing along.

(you were so happy when everyone sang Happy Birthday to you)

You are such a gift to us, Maddie Rose. We’re going to have so much fun together as you get bigger; there are so many beautiful things to see and share!  So glad that we get to be the ones to watch you grow.  I pray that you grow secure in our love and Jesus’ love.  Happy birthday!    

Love you forever,

Photo credits to the wonderful Auntie Sarah

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